O Canada 

I’ve been living in Canada for just over a year now and it has been an amazing experience. Different but amazing nonetheless. Moving continent with no job prospects or place to live was scary but something I felt I had to do. I love Luxembourg and it will always be home but I have to admit that I was stuck in a rut there. 

My main goal coming here was to find a job I love doing and hopefully travel the country. 6 months in Toronto and 6 in Vancouver. I realise that my plan may have been slightly unrealistic (not to mention costly!!) so I have stayed solely in Toronto and haven’t had much of an opportunity to do any travelling. 

I have loved my time here and even though it’s not over yet, I can feel it coming to an end sometime after the summer. As much as I enjoy this city, I feel like I need to move on and head back to Europe for a while. So here’s to the last summer I’ll spend here – hopefully I’ll get some sun and so I can make the most of the weekends! 💋


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